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Lecture of Space Scientist Dr Anil Bhardwaj , Director , Physical Research Laboratory

"Science is that which relies on Empirical evidence and can be proved" Said the world renowned Space Scientist, Dr.Anil Bhardwaj, Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, on March 25, 2019, in reply to a question "what perspective of science and technology needs to be promoted at school level-science and technology as a collection of various facts and miracles or the scientific methods through which we can test the explanations we give?" "Yeh Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mars" Quoted Dr.Anil Bhardwaj, Director, Physical Research Laboratory, referring to the witty advertisement of Amul published in 2014 as an apt remembrance of successful launching of India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)-which includes Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser (MENCA) on which he worked extensively. He proudly recollected how India, became the first Asian nation to reach the Mars orbit and First Nation in the world to do so in its first attempt. This was possible only due to a dedicated team of professionals working day and night at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and due to the supportive environment available for science and technological research and development in the country. Dr. Bhardwaj was delivering a lecture on "Indian Planetary Missions: Challenges and Opportunities" at a day long Science Outreach Program organised jointly by PRL, Ahmedabad, and Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur, at the VB Auditorium today. He gave a background of ISRO and PRL and their work related to study of the composition, dynamics, formations, interrelations, history of planetary systems and processes. In simple terms, and with the help of documentary films, he shared the details of Mangalyaan-1: India's First Interplanetary Mission including, the objectives of the mission, the phases, the challenges faced in each phase for example, payloads, tracking the launch and the mission, spacecraft autonomy, handling power systems, testing of sub systems during launch, propulsion into the Mars orbit, handling the idling engine, etc. Similarly he discussed the launch and challenges related to Chandrayan-1. He shared details of Chandrayaan-2, India's second mission to the Moon which will be a totally indigenous mission comprising of an Orbiter, Lander and Rover as well as Aditya-L1 (Langrangian point) mission to study the Sun. He motivated, and apprised the under graduate and post graduate students about the facilities and opportunities (scholarships/internships) available at PRL for research in fundamental science. In his welcome address, Shri Ajay Mehta, President, Vidya Bhawan Society, traced the history of VB and its ethos and role in national reconstruction pre and post independence. He shared VB has always strived to create an openness in students by building and promoting qualities of scientific temperament, responsible citizenship, self reliance, critical thinking. Language was never a barrier for learning and its approach has been to promote equity and equality. He expressed hope that such programs would continue, and go a long way in inspiring students to become scientists and infuse new vigour to scientific research and development in the country. Dr.Suraj Jacob, CEO, Vidya Bhawan, lauded Dr.Bhardwaj's abilities to communicate high level science in the spirit of adventure before the students and praised how, through 'effective science communication', he easily reduced the otherwise existing hierarchies between scientists/science professors/teachers and students. He stressed that science can be improved through two way communication with children. While the first half of the day comprised lecture, question-answer session, in the second half, movies on space science were screened by Dr.Ramit and Dr.Bhuvan of USO followed by an interesting round of question answers with the school and college students. An exhibition was set-up at the venue wherein, VB students and USO research scholars displayed charts and presented short videos related to the solar system. The program, which certainly created a buzz of curiosity among the students was coordinated by Dr.Anil Mehta, Principal, Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College and facilitated by a joint team of VB and USO representatives. It is hoped that this partnership will continue and benefit the society at large.

26th Jan 2019: Vastu Pooja of Saraswati Mechatronics Centre Building

The Vastu Pooja of the newly built Mechatronics Building was performed on 26th Jan 2019. Officials of VB Society were present on the occasion.

8 -16 January, 2019: Sports Week

For all round and holistic development of students the Polytechnic conducted a sports week in the month of January, 2019. Field and track events like cricket, volleyball, kabaddi, 100 meter race, 400 meter race, cycle race, long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, shot put for boys and carom, badminton, 100 meter race, three legged race, discus throw, spoon and marble race, cricket ball throw for girls were organized. Around 250 students participated in the events.

21 to 25 December 2018

The Department of CS & IT visited SAC exhibition of ISRO Ahmadabad. In this exhibition student got knowledge about various types of satellites, manufacturing process and the different parts of satellites.

11th to 14 December 2018 an educational tour to Vadodara

The Department of Civil Engineering organized an educational tour to Vadodara for 2nd and 3rd year students from 11th to 14 of December 2018. The students visited the Statue of Unity and Sardar Sarovar Dam. It was helpful regarding the mega technical structural knowledge being built these days.

3rd December, 2018 Technical Visits

The student of Electronics department visited Tempsons Instrument Pvt. Ltd. General Manager Mr. Baburam explain about the temperature measuring sensors like Thermocouple, RTD, Pyrometer, Thermal Imager and industrial Thermal Camera.

19th Dec. 2018: Seminar on “Sustainable Water Resource and Sanitation Management”

On World Toilet Day the 16th Community of Research and Practice Seminar Series on “Sustainable Water Resource and Sanitation Management” was conducted in collaboration with the Polytechnic, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi and SCI-FI Sanitation. The series seeks to provide platform for discussing the experiences of the researchers and practitioners on urban sanitation. Presentations were given by Ms. Neelima Khetan, Mr. Ambarish Karunanithi, Mr. Abhinav Kumar, Dr. Anil Mehta and Mr. PK Singh providing insights on the achievements in Udaipur with regards to waste water management and fecal sludge management.

14 to 15 December, 2018: Awareness Program on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”

The Polytechnic, VB wellness center and Jatan Sansthan organized a two day workshop for girls on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”.

31th October 2018: Expert Lecture on Pre- Placement Training

The Dept. of Electronics conducted an expert lecturer on Pre- Placement training for the students in association with Dr. Garima Mathur presented the seminar about resume writing, online application through e-mail, online job portal companies.

24 October 2018: Expert Lecture on Cyber Security

An expert lecture was held by the Department of computer Science and IT on “Cyber Security” on the occasion of Cyber awareness, Expert Mr. Himanshu Taylor, Ethical hackers and cyber crime investigator from the activity collaboration with Rajasthan Police

24th October, 2018: Workshop on “Programming Language PHP”

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology conducted a workshop for students on Programming Language PHP. Mr. Tarun Tank, Centre Head, NIIT and Ms. Pragya Joshi, Developer gave useful information on website creation, e-commerce, Graphics User Interface and image processing.

16th October, 2018: World Food Day

The Polytechnic organized a seminar on world food day Senior IFS officer shri Venkatesh Sharma, Prof. Monika Dave from M.G. College, Former officer of EPRO Pallav Dutta expressed their views on food safety , zero hunger, climate change due to wastage of food, nutrition etc.

6th Oct. 2018: Fresher’s Day and Meljol Fair

To establish amity and harmony among seniors and juniors Fresher’s Day and Fete named ‘Meljol’ was organized. The new entrants were welcomed with colorful cultural programs. To promote planning, management and marketing skills and business tactics in the students, a ‘Meljol Fair’ was organized on the eve of Fresher’s Day. Stalls of eatables and games were set up by students and faculty.

2nd Oct 2018: Cleanliness Drive on Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti

The Polytechnic celebrated Gandhi-Shastri Jayanti in the form of Cleanliness Drive. The toilets, verandah, porch was cleaned by the students. A small interactive discussion on Cleanliness was done after the campaign. An essay competition was also conducted on “Science and Technology: A Gandhiyan Perspective”.

1st Oct. 2018: Visit of Prof. DS Yadav

The Director of Technical Education Prof. DS Yadav visited the institute and interacted with the faculty members. He motivated the students to expand the activities of ISTE chapter. The faculty gave valuable suggestions for the betterment of technical education. He appreciated the efforts of the institute and likened VB Polytechnic to a “Light House” for all Polytechnics in Rajasthan.

Campus Interviews and Placements

Renowned companies like Secure Meters, YMPL, JK Laxmi Cement, Pyrotech India Ltd., Rock Forever, Addlife Bio-Medicals, Rajasthan Diesel Sales & Services, Fusion India, Devashish Polymer conducted on-campus placement drives in the institute and selected several students for placement.

Research on Sanitation Market

VB Polytechnic has initiated an year long research on Sanitation Market with CPR New Delhi in the month of May 2018 .The students and Staff are participating in this research . The research is aimed to study the sanitation marketplace in urban settlements of Udaipur. The research will include supply and demand perspectives as well as hygiene-related practices and behaviours.

Feacal Sludge Treatment Plant and FSM Planning

Vidya Bhawan , Nagar Nigam Udaipur , Hindustan Zinc Limited have entered into an MOU to set up Feacal Sludge Treatment Plant at Udaipur . In practice, there is no form of treatment carried out on the fecal sludge in Udaipur city. Due to lack of such comprehensive sanitation approach, therefore, is extracting a heavy toll on public health, economy and ecology of the city. Owing to the urgency of the issue and possibility of achieving a systematic Feacal Sludge and Septage Management in the Udaipur city by leveraging and revamping existing PPP arrangement for STP(s) construction, UMC (Nagar Nigam) has partnered with Hindustan Zinc Limited, Vidya Bhawan Society (Polytechnic) and Centre for Policy Research, Delhi to implement an improved innovative and inclusive non-sewered urban sanitation system. HZL will be implementing the infrastructure for treating the faecal sludge i.e set up FSTP for Udaipur, whereas VB Polytechnic will be involved in raising the awareness among the citizens; and capacity building of Nagar Nigam officials through diverse trainings .CPR will be doing the city wide FSSM planning involving NN and Vidya Bhawan polytechnic. The project seeks to leverage public private partnerships and to introduce a safe and scientific FSM system to the city of Udaipur with the intent of shielding a city and peripheral population of more than 7 lacs against the adverse health, economic and environmental impacts of poor sanitation.

Industry Institute Interface

Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic and Multi National Company, M/S Secure Meters Ltd. has agreed to work on Industy –Institute Interface. The Secure Meters will help Polytechnic faculty and students on : Industry perspective for design / modification of course curriculum to the extent of feasibility; Allow the access to designated staff and students of the Institute to visit the premises of its manufacturing plants on mutual agreement; Secure may consider for endowment of its products or instruments to the Institute for a real life learning platform; Secure will participate in colleges’ convocations/ technical fest/ seminar/ conferences as appropriate. Secure will nominate technical experts to evaluate college projects on mutual agreement. In this connection, the faculty visited the Secure Meters and had a very interactive session with the officials.

VBS-SSF-Bosch Mechatronics Center

On the initiative of Board of Control Member, Sh. Salil Singhal, Vidya Bhawan, Sarswati Singhal Foundation (SSF) and Bosch Banglore have entered into an MOU to set up Mechtronics Centre in the premises of Vidya Bhwan Polytechnic. The first batch will start in the month of Janurary 2019. The Center would provide six monthly (for ITI pass outs) and three monthly (for diploma students) skill enhancement trainings in Mechatronics. The SSF is establishing the center.The training modules etc would be on the part of the Bosch. This is the first Mechatronics Center of Rajasthan. In this regard, five faculty members attended a fifteen day training session at Bosch Training Centre, Bangalore. The construction work of the building is in progress.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association has always been keen to promote academic activities which contribute to the development of the institute. The Foundation Day was celebrated on 12th May, 2018 in the institute. The former students completing 50 and 25 years of Diploma were honored. Deepika Khatik and Shivam Singh Chauhan were declared ‘Best Students’. Scholarships were conferred to meritorious, worthy and needy students by the association.

Student’s Projects

Every year students develop innovative projects where they apply knowledge and skill earned; and thus transform their class room, lab and workshop learning into socially useful and productive applications. The final year batch 2017-18 developed innovative projects in order to contribute towards making of Smart City. The important projects are as follows:
i) Smart Garbage Management System: In order to clean the dustbins regularly and timely and to get rid of overflowing dustbins, the students made a project which detects the level of garbage in the dustbin with the help of Sensor System; it further informs the authorized control room through GSM system when the garbage bin is about to fill along with its location.
ii) Smart City Non Parking Zone Detection & Control: To avoid traffic jams and to prevent parking violation, students developed Smart City Non Parking Zone Detection and Control System. When vehicle parked in unauthorized parking area, the RFID reader identifies its number plate and sends a warning message to the owner. If the vehicle is not removed from there, it sends the message to the control room. The control room then sends the message to the nearest police station for further action.
iii) Smart City Traffic Management in Emergency: To avoid stucking of emergency vehicles like ambulance or fire brigade in traffic jams, the students developed a system to control the timing of traffic signals using Microcontroller. In case of emergency, the driver can turn the switch of the transmitter circuit placed on the vehicle. The receiver circuit placed on the signal poles gets signal and changes the traffic lights to clear the path for the emergency vehicle.
iv) Helping Hands of Udaipur: It is an Android application which provides user to get a facility of a domestic worker with the help of internet at any place and support the domestic workers to get appropriate household jobs.
v) The Smart Study: It is software which can be used to guide the parents to find the nearest government and private school. It also provides the information regarding vacant seats, fees, hostel facilities etc.
vi) Self-Driving Car Using IBM Watson: To train and instruct the Chatbot (self driving car) to make it work perfectly according to ones requirement, students created a Chatbot using the cognitive skills of IBM’s super computer Watson and its Service Conversion API.
vii) Smart Arduino Based Charging System for Smart Car: To charge the battery of Electric Vehicle, the students developed a wireless car charging station which controls charging using wireless module. It uses electromagnetic energy. The charging command is also given wirelessly to the station. One requires to select price and enter into remote control which transmits the specific signal code and Arduino generates a particular signal for specific time as per selected price and the relay provides electric signal to the coil which generates electromagnetic waves and another coil mutually induces voltage to charge the battery for specific time automatically.

Activities of CDTP

The six month trainings on House Wiring, Motor Winding & Repairing, AC & Refrigeration, Mobile Repairing, Data Entry Operator, and Beauty Culture started in the month of October. Total 179 persons are taking part in these training programs.

Inauguration of IRI classes at JK tyre industry kankroli

Inauguration of IRI classes at JK tyre industry kankroli

Yoga and Cleanliness Drive Conducted

Yoga and Cleanliness Drive Conducted

Pariksha de haste haste

A one-day workshop on ‘Pariksha de Haste Haste’ was conducted by the Vivekanand Kendra, Kanniyakumari. Instructor Ms. Pranjali Yeyekar demonstrated techniques of enhancing memory, overcoming the stress of examination etc.

Games and Sports Activities

The first round of sports was conducted from 22 nd -24 th December 2017. Matches of Volley ball, Kabaddi and Carom were conducted and approximately 300 students witnessed the event. While, the second round of sports was conducted from 11th to 13th January, 2018. Various competitions were held like 100 metre race, 400 metre race, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, long jump, cycling, tug-of-war for boys and 100 metre race, cricket ball throw, spoon and marble race, three- legged race for girls. Students participated in the events with great zest and zeal.

Participation in Higher Education & Human Resource Conclave at Jaipur

Lecturer Sh. Bhuwan Ameta and Sh. Vikram Kumawat represented the Polytechnic in the Higher Education & Human Resource Conclave organized by the Government of Rajasthan at Jaipur.

Announcement of Mechatronics Centre

Renowned business man, member of Board of Control of VB Society and President of the Saraswati Goodwill Foundation Hon’ble Sh. Salil Singhal visited the institute and gave consent on providing financial support to establish the Mechatronics Centre. The foundation will also aid for the construction of the new building and equipments.

Parent – Teacher Meeting

To update the parents with the academic progress of students a PTM was held and 250 parents attended the meeting. Several issues related to academics and holistic development of the students were discussed.

Scholarships Awarded to Needy Students by Shiksha Shakti Foundation

The SSF has awarded special scholarships to the students of Second Year. The scholarships were awarded to the students in a ceremony on 15th January 2018 in the presence of Sh. and Smt. N.N. Agrawal, faculty members and parents of the recipients of the scholarship.

International Workshop on Environmentally Sustainable Mining

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia, under the purview of its Sister-State relationship with Rajasthan and International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM); and in partnership with Vidya Bhawan Society (VBS), Wolkem India Ltd, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI), Indian Soapstone Producers association and Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (UCCI), had organized a two day Indo Australia workshop on Environmentally Sustainable Mining. Mayor Sh. Chandra Singh Kothari inaugurated the workshop. Sh. Hansraj Choudhary, President, UCCI, Dr. Anu Kumar, Scientist and Dr. Anna Littleboy, Director, CSIRO, Australia, Sh. DS Maru, Director, Department of Mines and Geology, Sh. Arvind Singhal, Patron, UCCI and other eminent personalities were present in the workshop.

Seminar on Digital Marketing and Social Networking Sites

A one day Seminar on Digital Marketing and Social Networking Sites was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Participation in Higher Education & Human Resource Conclave at Jaipur

Lecturer Sh. Bhuwan Ameta and Sh. Vikram Kumawat represented the Polytechnic in the Higher Education & Human Resource Conclave organized by the Government of Rajasthan at Jaipur.

Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude: Commander Mehta

February 11, 2017, Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude. Merely knowledge and talent could not bring and sustain success. It is attitude which decides success. Attitude is a better predictor of success than IQ. This was stated by Commander Pratap Singh Mehta, Veteran, Indian Navy, while addressing engineers and lecturers at the Polytechnic. “People often confuse themselves with the thought that excellence is all about talent. However, excellence is not about talent alone. In fact, a major portion of excellence has nothing to do with talent; it is what you do with talent that counts. Beyond a point, it is attitude that counts way more than talent”, he said. Through various hands on exercises and real life examples, Mehta underlined that having abilities like being smart inspires confidence only while the going is easy, the deciding factor in life is how we handle setbacks and challenges. “In the tech era the presumption has been that intelligence beats every other human attribute. But, intelligence is more of an advantage when things are going well than when they are not. “It is very good at keeping us out of trouble, but not necessarily as beneficial when we find ourselves already under it and more primal or emotional attributes are required”, He said. Mehta appealed everyone to get out from fixed mind set and have growth mind set. “People with a growth mind set welcome setbacks with open arms”, he expressed. While explaining the need of Affective Domain in Teaching, Mehta explained that major portion of excellence has nothing to do with talent. Beyond a certain point, talent or ability is the most useless virtue to possess. It is what you do with talent that counts. Beyond a point, it is attitude that counts way more than talent. The affective domain plays an undeniable important role in education. Affective domain is a great method that utilizes learning skills which are predominantly related to attitude and emotional (affective) processes.

Games and Sports Activities

The first round of sports was conducted from 22 nd -24 th December 2017. Matches of Volley ball, Kabaddi and Carom were conducted and approximately 300 students witnessed the event. While, the second round of sports was conducted from 11th to 13th January, 2018. Various competitions were held like 100 metre race, 400 metre race, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, long jump, cycling, tug-of-war for boys and 100 metre race, cricket ball throw, spoon and marble race, three- legged race for girls. Students participated in the events with great zest and zeal.

Workshop on Social Network Platform ‘Verdentum’

February 20, 2017, A one day workshop on Social Network Platform ‘Verdentum’ was organized in the Polytechnic. 26 year old Rohit Pothukuchi, developed a social network platform ‘Verdentum’ which is essentially a technology tool allowing organizations to launch, coordinate, and collect data on projects. Verdentum also has social networking capabilities and collaboration tools to ensure that everyone working on your project/involved with your project has the ability to communicate/view progress, from donors down to volunteers. This was informed by Dr. Vijay Pothukuchi, Rohit’s father, a corporate leader and a management researcher with over 30 years of association with multinationals in the USA, India and East Africa, while speaking in seminar at Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College, Udaipur on Saturday.

There are two Verdentum products: Verdentum Professional and . is more focused on allowing volunteers to work on projects at a global or regional scale through collaboration and collection/sharing of data, while Verdentum Pro is intended for development organizations needing customized products to coordinate and collect data on development projects.


Verdentum is currently being used by a number of leading organizations in the development space. The Rural Development Trust (Ananthapur), the Nligiri Adivasi Welfare Association, and Accion Fraterna have already started implementation and several larger organizations are in the process of starting implementation–including HelpAge India, Amul, and IDMC. We are also in conversation with numerous international bodies, including UN Women and Brooke.


Verdentum’s supporters include Physics Nobel Laureate Dr. John C. Mather and advisors include David Wilkins (Vice Dean, Harvard Law School), Peter Robertson (former Vice Chairman of the Board, Chevron) and K.Y. Amoako (former head of the UN Economic Commission for Africa).


Verdentum is relevant in the context of India where there is little availability of internet in rural and remote areas as it works offline too. The app can be downloaded from Google play store on iphone or Android phoned free of cost. Principal Dr Anil Mehta welcomed Mr Vijay, the proud father of Rohit.


Workshop on Industrial Automation

A one day workshop on Industrial Automation was conducted by the Department of Electronics Engineering. Technical Expert from Vision Automation Group Mr. Arpit Siyal imparted the basic fundamentals of Microcontrollers, Relay and various types of Sensors such as Industrial Drives, PLC, SCADA Software, Human-Machine Interface, Respri Pie, AVR, and 8 Mega etc. and explained the techniques of machine-human interface. Students were also given a Relay based problem on circuit.

Workshop on Networking

A workshop was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology on Networking. Technical Expert Mr. Bhuvnesh Sharma, Network Engineer from Hitachi trained students on LAN Cabling, RJ 45 Connection in LAN Cabling, Switch Device, Printer Sharing, installation of Drivers, installation of Router, Configuration of Layer-2 Switch, IP Addressing, LAN Networking.

Expert Lecture on Earthquake Resistant Design

An expert lecture on Earthquake Resistant Design was delivered to the students of Department of Civil Engineering by Shailesh Choudhary, Associate Professor, MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur.

Technical Visit

Students of Department of Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology were taken to Secure Meters Pvt. Ltd. where they were informed on SMD Pick & Place, Plate through Hole Section, Meter Testing, Packaging etc. and the students of department of electrical engineering were taken to RSMMLD where they observed energy generation and transmission unit, rock phosphate plant, filter plant, industrial probation plant etc. and also observed the working of industrial machines like ball mill, lathe machine, D.C. series and A.C. motor, turbo generator etc.Students of Electrical Engineering were taken to RSMMLD where they observed various units like Energy Generation & Transmission Unit, Rock Phosphate Plant, Industrial Probation Plant and the working of industrial machines like Ball Mill, Lathe Machine, DC Series Machines, AC Motors, Turbo Generator etc.

World Water Day Celebration

A one day seminar was conducted in the institute on ‘Waste Water: Effect and Efficient Reuse’. The key speakers were Dr. Anupama and Dr. Rai Kookna from CSIRO, Australia and Dr. Basant Maheshwari from Western Sydney University.

Faculty Development Program

To upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty, a five day short term training program was conducted on ‘Teachers’ Coaching in Life Skills’ through ICT organized by IMCO in collaboration with Coach Grab Training Pvt. Ltd. This interactive workshop covered several topics of importance like problem solving, qualities of individuals, Success and mental aptitude, goal setting, out of box thinking and persistence, lateral and analytical thinking, work ethics, critical life skills, communication skills etc.

Smart India Hackathon

30 ministries of government of India have identified 600 real time, live problems and has appealed to the Technical Department all over the country to present solution to these problems.
In this respect Dr. Anil Sahastrabuddhe, President AICTE provided guidance in the workshop. Dr. Anil Mehta and Dr. Deepak Gupta took part in the workshop.

Sports Day Celebration

“Games and sports develop mental and physical strength, discipline and team spirit in students,” said Colonel Bhupendra Singh while addressing the students on the Annual Sports Meet ‘Aao Khelein’. Total 16 competitions were held like 100 meter race, 400 meter race, shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, long jump, cycling tug-of-war for boys and 100 meter race, cricket ball throw, spoon and marble race, three- legged race for girls. Students participated in the events with great zest and zeal.

Inauguration of Kabaddi Field

The newly made Kabaddi Field was inaugurated by Sh. Lokendra Singh, Patron of District Kabaddi Organization. League matches were played in the month of February and the team of Electrical Engineering won the tournament.

Annual Day Celebration

The two day annual function of the Polytechnic ‘Tech Zest’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Ravin Bhargav, Director, Perfect Thread and the event was presided by Sh. Ajay S. Mehta. Special guests were Ms. Pooja Kaul, Internationally renowned film maker, and Sh. G.P. Soni, President of Alumni Association. Various events as Quiz Competition, Treasure Hunt, Mehandi, Rangoli, Salad Dressing, Solo Song and Dance, Group Song and Dance were held. Prizes were given to students by guests in various categories for their achievements for session 2016-17.

Dance Classes

To create a healthy environment in which students could express their feelings in a productive manner while learning dance classes were conducted in the college. Choreographer Ms. Jigyasa Tank taught dances on three contemporary songs.


The six month trainings on House Wiring, Motor Winding & Repairing, AC & Refrigeration, Mobile Repairing, Data Entry Operator, and Beauty Culture concluded in the month of March. Total 183 persons were benefitted with these trainings.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna(PMKVY)

The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) is the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. The objective of this skill Certification Scheme is to enable large number of Indian youth to take up industry-relevanrt skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. The training program has begun at the Polytechnic. The sectors related to training are Construction: Mason General; Electronic & Hardware: Field Technician- AC; Plumbing; Telecom Sub Sector Handset: ICT-Technician; and IT-ITes: Domestic Data Entry Operator.

Utho Jago Yuva Prerna Competition

The Vivekanand Kendra, Kanyakumari conducted the “Utho Jago Yuva Prerna Competition” in which 76 students of Polytechnic took part. The students who secured more than 60% marks further took part in a one day camp where they were trained in activities like Yoga, Pranayam and meditation, fun while studying. Six students of the Polytechnic also took part in the five day ‘Personality Development Camp’ at Bhilwara.

Enactment of play on De- addiction

A small play on De-addiction was enacted by the students in the direction of Dr. P.C. Jain. Oath of not doing any kind of addiction was taken by the students and faculty. Mr. Radha Kishan Menaria, Incharge, NSS conducted the program successfully.

Seminar on Woman Harassment and Sexual Assault

Vidya Bhawan has always been sensitive towards social issues; and feels its social responsibility to think over social problems and suggest practical solutions. In this respect, a talk show was held at the polytechnic in the backdrop of the infamous Ruchita Murder Case. Renowned Clinical Psychologists from Geetanjali Medical College Dr. D.M. Mathur and Dr. Shikha Sharma, Sociologist from MPUAT Dr. Gaytri Tiwari, Advocate Sushil Kothari, Dr. Neha Damani, Dr. Deepti Sharma, Dr. Kaushal Soni, Jail Superintendent Preeta Bhargav, Police Officer Rajendra Jain and Ravindra Charan, educationist Dr. M.P. Sharma, Dr. Sushma Talesra, Dr. Kumud Purohit, Dr. Bhagwati Ahir exchanged their views on the topic. It was discussed that the reasons behind such crimes are frustration; over ambition; high expectations; defeats; disappointments; depression; and the sick mentality of the criminal; and blind faith and trust on others, false judgment of people, ignorance, and incautiousness on the part of victim. The deep rooted mindset of the society should be changed. This could only be done through education and awareness. Moral values like respect to women, compassion for fellow beings, humanity must be instilled from childhood. The Psychologists laid stress on including sex education in school education. Research should be done on the adolescence psychology. The rearing and upbringing of children is the duty of parents and teachers. Parents should spend quality time with their children to develop healthy relationship and a healthy personality. Friendly relation and strong bonding should be established between parents and children. They should discuss with their children openly on the physical, mental, psychological and emotional changes. The sixth sense or the feminine instincts is a god gift to women. It should not be left ignored or unnoticed.

Parent – Teacher Meeting

To updates the parents with the academic progress of students a PTM was held and 250 parents attended the meeting. Several issues related to academics and holistic development of the students were discussed.

Badminton Matches

Badminton matches of girls’ singles were conducted and Manali Guhil of Ist year Computer Science swept the final match.

Technical Workshops and Visits

Technical workshops and visits are an integral part of technical education. To fulfill the objective, the Polytechnic conducted following activities: 1. One day workshop on Earthquake Resistant Structures 2. One day workshop on Concrete Mix Design 3. Visit of Super Specialty Wing at Maharana Bhupal Hospital. 4. One day workshop on Auto CAD and various softwares used in Civi Engineering.

Selection of VB Polytechnic in Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

It is a matter of proud that VB Polytechnic has been selected for Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yogna, sponsored by the Union Government.

When Dreams Come True

In Spite of His Limitations, Prakash Kharol Did Not Give Up His Dreams of Becoming an Engineer
Inspiration can come in any form and from people we least expect. While healthy people spend a lot of time of their lives cursing their ill luck, on things they don’t have, there are those who in spite of being physically challenged leave others behind. And the reasons they have succeed over their physical short-comings has been their unending dedication towards their goal and the determination to achieve no matter how the difficult the aim is. Prakash kharol, a resident of the Amba Mata area of Udaipur is a matter of pride for the city of Udaipur and the country. In spite of being deaf and mute he had the ambition to be an electrical engineer, a feat difficult even for some normal people. Prakash got his school education from a deaf and mute school and then in order to pursue his engineering dream he applied for admission in 2009 for a three year engineering course of diploma in directorate of technical education. At first Prakash was denied admission on the grounds that the institute comes under the directorate and does not have teachers to teach deaf -mute student. This could have been the end of Prakash’s dreams but he did not give up. His father Badri Lal Kharol with the help of a friend Vasudev Chaturvedi appealed to the Prime Minister, and also gave memorandums in the department of social justice and empowerment. Prakash and his father reached Vidya Bhawan polytechnic where Principal Dr. Anil Mehta agreed to admit Prakash. The Government of India then directed the education Secretary to arrange for his admission. The directorate of technical education agreed to admit Prakash. Vidya Bhawan, Through had no special teacher for Prakash but the still took up the challenge and began his education. The college also requested for additional time for Prakash in examinations so that he could equalize with others, the court gave a nod to this request and he got the privilege of additional time in his last year but he did not take the advantage. He finally completed his degree and a dream that has left many inspired was conquered. Apart from being a qualified engineer, Prakash also has good knowledge of mobile repairing. Vijay Bargat, Prakash’s neighbor also an engineering graduate resolved to help Prakash in his studies. He too toiled with Prakash and helped him a great deal in finally becoming an engineer.

Eye Checkup and Consultancy Camp

The NSS unit of Polytechnic and ASG eye care center jointly conducted an eye checkup and consultancy camp in the college.

Skill Development Training

Six month Skill Development Programs on Data Entry Operator, House Wiring & Motor Winding, AC & Refrigeration Repairing, Beauty Culture and Mobile Phone Repairing began from 8th September 2016. 265 trainees have joined the training programs.

Volley Ball League Matches

On 17th September 2016 league matches of Volley Ball were held between 12 teams. The 6 winning teams will compete in the finals.

Visit of Prof. Peter Patel

Prof. Peter Patel, former Consultant on Business Management, an MBA from Insead Business School, France, Doctorate from University of Munich and great philanthropist based in London, visited the Polytechnic.

Career Orientation on CMS Technology and Mobile Application Development

A one day workshop was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology on Career Orientation on CMS Technology and Mobile Application Development. Technical expert Tarun Soni from NIIT imparted information about latest technologies like Zomla, Drupal, .Net and Android Application Programming.

Fresher’s Day and Meljol Fair

Fresher’s Day was organized on 30 September 2016. The new entrants were welcomed with colorful cultural programs. To incorporate planning, management and marketing skills and business tactics in the students for Start-up, a fair was organized on the eve of Fresher’s Day. Stalls of eatables and games were set up by students and faculty.

Engineer’s Day Celebration

The Polytechnic, IEI & ISTE Student Chapter and Alumni Association jointly organized Engineer’s Day on 15th September 2016. On this occasion an Essay Competition on the subject “Falling Standards of Engineering Education’, a Poster Making Competition on ‘I Will Make Clean India’ and a Photography Competition on ‘Haphazard Ramps in the City’ were conducted.



Admissions are open for the academic year 2016-17 for three year Engineering Diploma course and one and a half year Post Diploma in Polymer Science & Rubber Technology.

Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp was organized on the 121st birth anniversary of the founder of Vidya Bhawan Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta. The camp was organized by NSS Unit of Polytechnic in collaboration with Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust, Platinum Group, Mahaveer International and RNT Medical College. Students and staff donated 43 unit of blood. The students were motivated to study well and serve the nation.

Smart Technologies for Smart City

Every year students make innovative projects by applying knowledge and skill earned; and transforms class room, lab and workshop learning into socially useful and productive applications. The final year batch 2015-16 developed innovative projects in order to contribute towards Smart City. The important projects are as follows:

1. The Radio Frequency Based Car Parking System allows only authorized RFID card holder to park vehicle at designated parking. This project idea will help in controlling unauthorized parking.

2. The Alcohol Detection System and Helmet Synchronized Two Wheeler Ignition are useful in controlling road accidents. If the driver’s breath has alcohol then vehicle will not start. Similarly without wearing helmet, the vehicle will not start.

3. The Voice Controlled Wheel Chair for Disabled Citizens moves forward, backward and sideways as per the voice command given.

4. On Line Guide Management System to help and guide tourists.

5. On Line Blood Control Management System for timely availability of blood.

6. Ultramodern Residential Complex which is energy efficient, livable, and sanitized.

Similarly, projects on water Over Flow Control, Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables on the Basis of Size etc. have also been developed. Most of students are from village/peri-urban area and their technical aptitude ensures positive outcome of Make in India mission of government of India. The projects were highly appreciated by Sh. Somnath Mishra, IAS, Additional Commissioner of Udaipur.


Farewell Ceremony

Farwell was given to the students of Final Year on 25th June, 2016. Sh. Ajay S. Mehta, Sh. B.L. Manti and Sh. G.P. Soni were present. Students shared their experiences and gave feedback.

Foundation Day Celebration of Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of VB Polytechnic celebrated its 50th Foundation Day on14May, 2016. The former students who had completed 50 and 25 years of Diploma were honored. Honorable Education Minister and former Principal Prof. Vasudev Devnani graced the occasion with his presence. Mohd. Aijaz and Pallavi Ameta were declared ‘Best Students’. Scholarships were conferred to meritorious, deserving and needy students. The association has developed and established an alumni portal ( to strengthen the alumni interaction in the areas of internships, expert lectures, career guidance and award of scholarships.


37 Students Placed in Various Companies

The theoretical and practical knowledge, hands-on training, attitudinal skills, regular classes and discipline of the Polytechnic attract the industrial world for placement. This year, till now, 37 students have been selected in various companies like L&T, CMS IT Services, Roop Polymers, KRM Tyres Pvt. Ltd., Himachal Pradesh etc. out of which 28 students were selected for Apprenticeship for one year at Secure Meters.

Sports Meet: Aao Khelen

The first round of sports competition was held on 14th -15th January, 2016. Total 280 students participated in various competitions like 100 meter race, 4000 meter race, javelin throw, shot-put, cycle race, relay race, tug-of-war etc. The second round of sports was held on 26th -27th Feb., 2016 in which like Cricket, Volley Ball tournaments were organized.


Interactive Discussion on ‘Weakness in Maths, Science and Communication Skill’

Dr. B. Mukhopadhyay President, Indian Rubber Institute and Director, HASETRI, JK Tyre, renowned scientist Dr. Samor Bandhopdhyay Prof. R.S. Vyas showed deep concern on the weakness and lack of conceptual clarity in Maths, Science & Communication Skill of the students and discussed about its solution.

Annual function: Techno Beats

The Polytechnic celebrated its Annual Function ‘Techno Beats’ on 29th February, 2016. Colorful dance performances, songs, treasure hunt, quiz competition; hair style competition etc. marked the event. Chief Guest Mr. Ravindra Koka, President & COO, Intellect SEEC, Polaris Group Company, USA and India addressed the students. The speech was followed by Prize Distribution.


Skill Development Training Program (CDTP)

Skill Development Training Programs viz. Data Entry Operator, House Wiring & Motor Rewinding, Repairing and Maintenance of Domestic Electrical Appliances, Repairing of AC & Refrigeration and Beauty Culture started in the month of February. Total 152 trainees are taking training.

Vivekanand Jayanti Celebration

To commemorate the 153rd birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand a Rath Yatra was organized by Vivekanand Kendra which was flagged off from Polytechnic. Staff and students of Polytechnic participated in it.

Seventeen Students Selected by Apollo Tyres Ltd.: 1-2 July 2015

Indian multinational company M/s. Apollo Tyres Limited selected 17 students of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College on 2 July 2015 during a two days Campus Drive. All students are from Electrical and Electronics Departments, informed Dr. Anil Mehta, Principal, and Shri O.P. Sharma, Incharge of Placements. After a two year probation period, during which they will get Rs.1.25 Lakhs per annum, the students will be permanently employed with a starting package of Rs.1.75 Lakhs apart from other facilities provided by the company. They will work with Apollo Tyres Ltd. at Limda in Gujarat.


The selected students of VBPC are Anuraag Mukherjee, Raghuveer Singh Rathore, Mukesh Meghwal, Dhawal Solanki, Rajkumar Vaishnav, Pushpendra Singh Deora, Sunil Kumar Sahu, Nand Lal Dangi, Dharmendra Tasiwal, Vinayak Gupta and Keshav Deora from Electrical branch and Rajesh Kumar Khatik, Rahul Prajapat, Deepesh Paliwal, Sushil Kumar Soni, Devendra Menaria and Shubham Bhatnagar from Electronics stream.


The students went through written test and interviews, which were conducted by Shri Varun Mistry and Shri Sachin Jaiswal, Managers HR and Shri Parvez Diwan, Manager Productions of M/s. Apollo Tyres Limited.


Indo- Australian workshop 2015

Indo- Australian workshop 2015

Workshop on ‘Automation Technologies’



A one day workshop on ‘Automation Technologies’ was organized by the Department of Electronics on 10th March 2016. 40 students were trained on PLC, Scada and Embedded Technologies by CAD, CAM Expert Ms. Akanksha Sharma.




International Conference ‘Rubcon- 2015’

The Students of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology attended a 3 day workshop organized by Indian Rubber Conference and Indian Rubber Institute on ‘Rubcon-2015’at Chennai on 2nd - 4th March. The students enriched their knowledge on new technologies of manufacturing Polymer, Rubber, and Rubber Additives.

Students selected in Campus Interview: May 2015

Students of Post Diploma in Polymer Science and Rubber Technology of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic were selected in the industry during campus interviews before final examination results. According to the Shri O.P. Sharma, Head of the Department, Bhuj (Gujarat) based M/s. Balkrishna Tyre Industries Ltd. selected Parvesh Kushlani, Prem Singh Solanki, Rameshwar Lal Pushkarna and Devilal Kumawat; and Jodhpur based M/s. Somi Conveyor Belting Ltd. selected Jitendra K. Jangid, Ghanshyam Didwania and Parikshit Vaishnav. Dr. Anil Mehta, Principal, informed that VBPC is the only polytechnic in India to run this course; the students are getting good placements in the industry which also speaks of the quality of the course.


 Ghanshyam Didwaniya    Jitendra Jangid    Parikshit Vaishnav 


  Devi Lal Kumawat   Parvesh Kushlani     Prem Singh     Rameshwar Lal 


Short Term Course

A five day short term training program for faculty development on ‘Operation Research’ was organized by National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, MHRD started in the end of March.

Sixth Sense Robotics Workshop: 26-27 March 2015

The 'Sixth Sense Robotics Workshop' was organised at the College in collaboration with IIT Mumbai, Hellious and ARK Technosolutions on 26-27 March 2015. Students used the MatLab image processing tool to make ball follower robot, object detection robot and timer control robot. Workshop coordinators Mohd. Sikandar and Radhakishan Menaria gave training on Microcontroller, Ordino and MatLab softwares. Sourav Gurjar, Rekha Kumawat, Shreya Kumawat, Yash Shrimali and Ujjwal Gaur won the robotics compition.


Vivid programmes mark Annual Function-2015: 21 March 2015

Colourful presentations marked the annual function of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, which was held on 21 March 2015. Shri Ramesh Choudhury, former Chairperson of UCCI, said that youth should take initiative in the nation building process through literacy, skill development and sanitation. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society, urged the young engineers to weave noble ideas and volunteerism in their lives and to learn from the spirit, patience and perceverance of a spider. Dr. F.S. Mehta, Dean of Geetanjali Medical College and Prof. Arun Chaturvedi, former Dean of MLSU, also addressed the gathering. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of VBPC, elucidated upon the contribution of Vidya Bhawan in technical education. Shri S.P. Gaur, former GM of HZL, Shri V.K. Ranka, former VP of Binani Cement and Shri Zahid Mohammad, former Labour Commissionar were also present.


61 Units Blood donated by VBPC: 20 February 2015

The faculty and students of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic donated 61 units blood on 20 February 2015. The NSS unit of VBPC, in collaboration with Blood Bank of RNT Medical College, Mahaveer International and Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta Memorial Trust, organised the camp in the College campus. Dr. Sanjay Prakash, Shri V.S. Bhandari, Shri Vardhman Mehta, Shri B.L. Khamesra former GM of AVVNL and Principal Shri Anil Mehta spoke to the students on the importance of blood donation. Shri Radha Kishan Menaria, In-charge of NSS, coordinated the camp where hemoglobin tests were conducted too.


Young Engineers Motivated for Entrepreneurship: 19-21 February 2015

A three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was held at the College. Students were motivated and made aware of various fields of entrepreneurship. The camp was organised in joint collaboration of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEB) and RAJCON from 19-21 February.

Prof. Basant Maheshwari of the University of Western Sydney said that the young engineers can take to entrepreneurship with the available resources and some amount of calculated risk. Prof. R.C. Purohit, former Dean of CTAE, encouraged the students to be creative and positive entrepreneurs. Shri Harikant of District Industries Center and Shri Devendra Sharma, DGM, RAJCON informed about the government schemes for entrepreneurs. Principal Shri Anil Mehta and HoD Shri Prakash Sunderam deliberated upon the principles of entrepreneurship.


Overwhelming Response to Motivational Career Seminar: 15 January 2015

An overwhelming response from students and teachers of government schools was given to the initiative of a motivational Career Seminar on 'Options after Class X', which was organised by the Vidya Bhwan Polytechnic on 15 January 2015. Students threw a flurry of questions regarding opportunities and approach towards success, which were answered by motivational speakers Dr. Deepak Gupta and Shri Prakash Sundaram of the College and Shri V.K. Ranka, former Vice President of Binani Cement and CFO of VBS. The Vidya Bhawan Auditorium was packed with young participants who enjoyed, enquired and learnt about their future prospects. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of VBPC invited the students to the College for guidance on self-employment and skill development trainings at free of cost.


Exhibition on Vivekanand: 17 January 2015

An exhibition was held on the 151st Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand at the College on 17 January 2015 in collaboration with the Vivekanand Kendra, Kanyakumari. Literature, photographs and paintings included various aspects of the life and thoughts of Vivekanand. Principal Anil Mehta, Kendra's Dr. Pukhraj Sukhlecha and Ramesh Chandra Kumhar addressed the students.


NITTTR Awards VBPC 'Outstanding Institution' in North India: 30 December 2014

The year 2014 waved adieu with a cheer to Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic!


National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) adjudged Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic (VBPC) as an 'Outstanding Institution' in North India. At a function held on 30 December 2014 at NITTTR in Chandigarh, VBPC Principal Shri Anil Mehta received the 'Outstanding Institution Award' from Dr. A.K. Grover- Vice Chancellor of Panjab University, 'Padma Bhushan' Dr. K.K. Talwar, Dr.M.P. Pooniya- Director of NITTTR, Shri P. Shashi Kumar- Dy. Secretary MHRD, and Dr.S.K. Dhameja- Chairperson of the Awards Committee. VBPC was selected from amongst the four and a half thousand technical institutions of eight states, namely J&K, Delhi, Haryana, Panjab, Uttarakhand, U.P., Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and UT Chandigarh. The Award was judged on the basis of the activities and achievements of the institutions in the past three years.


It may be noted that VBPC was awarded the 'Best Polytechnic' in North India for the year 2002-03.


Fresher's Day: 8 December 2014

A function for fresher' s in Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic was organised on 8 December 2014. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society said that technicians with a sense of greater good and environment protection; and easy access to useful technology can solve many problems around the world. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of VBPC, welcomed the new students and guests, which included representatives of Milinda & Bill Gates Foundation Ms. Linda Peterson, Ms. Dipika Elani and Ms. Madhu Krishna. Students gave vivid cultural presentations.


Annual Sports Meet: 4-5 December 2014

The Annual Sports Meet of VBPC was held at the College grounds on 4-5 December 2014. Students took part in different track and field events with zest and gusto. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal, encouraged the students to participate with discipline and sporting spirit. Shri Prakash Sunderam and Shri Devendra Purohit, In-charges of the Sports Meet, declared the results. Please click on the link below to see the event-wise results.

Sports Meet Results-2014_VBPC.pdf


Youth Should Come Forward to Save Natural Resources: 2 December 2014

Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic and Joint Secretary of Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti, was felicitated at Jaipur on 2 December 2014 for his contribution in conservation of lakes. Shri Mehta gave a presentation on lakes and explained the need to demarcate the lakes on the basis of Maximum Flood Level instead of Full Tank Level. He alleged that land mafia, bureaucracy and political parties are hand-in-glove in such faulty demarcation of lakes to fulfill their vested interests. This practice is destroying the delicate ecological balance of the water bodies. The islands in the lakes are shown separate land areas and are being sold to private parties. He urged the youth to raise the voice against commercial deals of natural resources.
Shri Mehta was awarded the 'Abhinav Samman' by the Abhinav Rajasthan organisation. Shri Ashok Chaudhary, Founder of Abhinav Rajasthan, assured that a thousand youth will keep an eye on the government programmes and public welfare schemes through RTI. Ten eminent persons were awarded the 'Abhinav Samman' for their contributions in different walks of life.


Constructive Approach for Quality Education, says Minister Devnani

Shri Vasudeo Devnani, Education Minister of Rajasthan, said that quality of education will be enhanced by better communication, consensus and constructive approach. He was addressing a gathering at Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic on 10 November 2014. Shri Devnani released the latest issue of 'Navdrishti', the annual magazine of the College. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society, talked about the innovations in education at Vidya Bhawan. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of VBPC, spoke on the role of teacher and student in sustainable socio-economic development. Engineer B.L. Mantri welcomed the guests and Engineer G.P. Soni, President of alumni association, gave vote of thanks.


Women Self-reliance Act Required for Women Empowerment: 14 October 2014

A workshop on 'Sensitization of Youth on Gender based Violence: Training of Peer Educators Volunteers' was organised at the College on 14 October 2014. Participants emphasized that gender based violence can only be stopped by bringing a change in the mindset of the society towards women. Youth can take initiative to bring about this change. Institute's Ms. Kritika Vyas said that self reliance is a rights-based issue and the key for women empowerment. Like other rights based acts such as RTI, RTE and MNREGA etc., a Women Self-reliance Act should be passed. Shri Radhakrishan Menaria, Incharge of NSS, gave key information on various acts preventing violence against women at home, workplace, child marriage and female feticide and infanticide. Shri Satyadev Barhat, Director of Society to Uplift Rural Economy (SURE), Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of VBPC and Ms. Sonu Heerawat, Chairperson of Vishakha Committee also addressed the workshop.


Sanitation Study at Udaipur to Help in National Framework: 20 September 2014

A national workshop on sanitation was organised at the College in collaboration with the Center for Policy Research (CPR), New Delhi on 20 September 2014. CPR's Shri R. Seetharaman and Shri Aditya Bhol said that total sanitation is an achievable goal. It requires coordination between the municipal corporation and community, and efficient management of resources. Shri Vibhas Mahapatra and Shri Ranjeet Singh gave presentation on the status of sanitation in Balasore, Odisha. Shri Anil Mehta and Dr. Bhagwati Tailor presented the study conducted in Udaipur with the help of GPS to ascertain 45 points, such as sewerage, solid waste, run-off water etc., which are of concern for sanitation. Around 19 thousand data thus gathered is being put in layers over the CartoSAT and ResourceSAT imagery of April 2014. This will bring out a comprehensive picture of the situation of sanitation in Udaipur and help in making a sanitation plan for the city. Those who participated in discussion include former Chairperson of RPSC Shri G.S. Tank, Dean of Geetanjali Medical College Dr. F.S. Mehta, Prof. Arun Chaturvedi, Engineer Shri B.L. Mantri and Shri N.K. Pancholi, Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Udaipur Shri Himmat Singh Barhat, SE Shri Shishirkant and Asst. Town Planner Ms. Ritu Sharma.


After all, Social Sites are Not that Social!

Excessive use of mobile and internet is having adverse physical, emotional and psychological impact on youth; though aged persons are also being affected, speakers observed at a seminar on the 'Impact of Mobiles and Social Sites' organised at Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic on 16 September 2014. The occasion was to celebrate Engineers Day. Chief Guest and former Superintendent Engineer Shri G.P. Soni said that internet as a medium and the information available therein should be scrutinized and analyzed for creative use. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal of the College, presided over the Seminar. Shri Akshat Sharma presented the paradox of social sites making people more un-social and thus adversely affecting sociality. Ms. Palomy Sanyal was of the opinion that a counseling center should be made for people addicted with mobile and social sites in Udaipur. Shri Jayesh Rathore expressed views on the effect of these new age communication tools on the education of the youth. The programme was conducted by Shri Amit Kushwaha and vote of thanks was given Shri Mohd. Sikandar.


Farewell to Pass-outs: Over 55 Selected in Campus Interviews

Pass-outs of the final year were given Farewell at the College on 10 September 2014. Principal Shri Anil Mehta said that over 55 students have been selected during campus interviews this year. It is a mark of the quality education given at the College; and reaffirms the fact that students can achieve desired goals by acquiring knowledge and skills and working with honesty and commitment. Architect and former student of the College Shri B.L. Mantri appreciated the efforts of the College in educating young students into becoming good engineers. President of Old Students Association Shri G.P. Soni stressed upon the process of continuous learning for the young engineers and welcomed them as members of the Association. Former Principal Shri B.L. Jain also addressed the gathering. The programme was conducted by Ms. Deepika Bairwa. Shri Prakash Sundaram gave the vote of thanks.


Students Selected by L&T in Campus Interview: Session of 2013-14

Seven Students of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic have been selected by L&T Construction Company in Campus interviews held during 2013-14 session. The selected students of Civil and Electrical Engineering stream are Rahul Nagda, Saurabh Malviya, Suraj Upadhyay, Ranjeet Kumawat, Saurabh Anand, Narendra Singh Rathore and Kush Sharma. Principal Shri Anil Mehta congratulated the students and reiterated the commitment of Vidya Bhawan to maintain high standards of training for young engineers, which is acknowledged by the industry too.

Expert Lecture on R.C.C.: 3 May 2014

An expert lecture session was organised by VBPC on  3rd May, 2014. Mr. B.P. Joshi, Executive Engineer, delivered a lecture on R.C.C. and answered to queries of students.

Sewage Treatment Plant Visit: 28 April 2014

The Department of Civil Engineering visited the Sewage Treatment Plant, HZL, Debari for enhancement of their knowledge and technical capability on 28th April, 2014.

Blood Donation Camp at Polytechnic College: 28 April 2014

National Service Scheme section of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, Mahaveer International, Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust and Rotary Club of Udaipur jointly organized a blood donation camp at the college campus on 28th April, 2014. Total 51 unit of blood was donated by students and volunteers. The blood donation was assisted by Dr. Sanjay Prakash and Dr. Satyendra Kuntal with their team. B.S. Bhandari (President of Mahaveer International), R.K. Chatur (ex-chief engineer), B.L. Mehta (President of Rotary Club) and Vijay Singh Mehta (President of Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust) were present during the camp and encouraged the students. Radha Kishan Menaria, in charge of NSS coordinated the blood donation camp.

Annual Function- Techno Beats: 3-5 April 2014

Three day Annual Function- Techno Beats was celebrated from 3rd to 5th April, 2014. Various events like Treasure Hunt, Quiz Competition, Poem Competition, Solo Song, Solo Dance, Group Song, Group Dance, Skit, etc. Nail Art and Hair Styling competitions were organized exclusively for girls. The enthusiasm of the young engineers was worth watching.
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