Salient Features
Group System
All the students are divided in fifteen groups with specific names. The group meeting in each semester a group meeting is organized takes place one in a semester. In this meeting students share their problems with the teachers. This reduces the unwanted tension created due to misunderstanding. Also they give advice for betterment of the college.


Student Chapter
The chapter organized various talks on technical subjects for the students throughout the year. This enables the students to understand the latest development happening in the field of science. In addition to this the chapter organized Quiz competition for students on the occasion of science day.


Overall development of students is aim of Vidya Bhawan since last 75 years. For this Purpose various different type of activities are run by the institution. The activities like National Service Scheme (NSS) develops social responsibility in students In a special ten days camp of NSS students to some nearby village and stay there for 10 days in difficult conditions. In this camp their minds are oriented about many social awareness subjects like environmental problem method of protection about AIDS and many similar diseases, respect about all types of work like cleaning of streets, information about rules & regulation of IPC. Importance of Yoga & Meditation to keep mental & physical fitness. Such camps strength develops mental and physical toughness in students for their future life.


Games and Sports
In VBPC there are arrangements for various games which enable students to refresh themselves and to develop their physique and mind.


Following games facilities are available
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Basket Ball
  • Carrom
  • Volley Ball
  • Chess
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